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Vishal Gupta, Founder and CEO, Gynoveda

When diagnosed with PCOS, the #1 question women ask – Is PCOS Curable or Treatable?

Initially, when women get diagnosed with PCOS, they panic. It is natural for them to have extreme reactions because PCOS can lead to irregular periods, uncertain weight gain, infertility, hirsutism or male-pattern hair growth, acne, hair fall or pigmentation. It all emerges as a lifelong liability.

The gynaecologists usually follow the same treatment approach, whether you have early, late, or irregular periods or PCOS. More often than not, the doctors advise a course of contraceptive pills for the next 21 days to induce periods. Some doctors might even suggest a few additional vitamin supplements. 

While modern conventional medicine only focuses on immediate symptomatic relief, Ayurveda focuses on treating the problems from their roots. Ayurveda ensures the problem goes away completely, and you get freedom from doctors and medicines forever.

Ayurveda’s Approach to PCOS

According to Ayurveda, Women are born with the default setting to have hassle-free periods, lifelong! Therefore, PCOS isn’t normal contrary to what most women are told when they find out that they have PCOS. It is an anomaly. It isn’t a norm.  Physiological, psychological, and lifestyle issues are a reason for this condition. Most treatment processes usually try to treat any one of these issues. That’s the reason PCOS remains incurable through those systems. Ayurveda understands PCOS and its roots. It has the know-how and capability to reverse PCOS and provide the cure you have been looking for. With Gynoveda, more than 100,000 women have benefitted from this approach and attained freedom from the burden of lifelong PCOS.

Ama: The PCOS Toxin

Ama is the metabolic waste or toxin that forms due to improper or poor digestion. If you have a diet or lifestyle that leads to the formation of Ama, you are at a higher risk of PCOS. Ama is a sticky tar-like substance that can reach the cells and block their receptors. When Ama increases, it blocks the ovary channels. This, in turn, leads to stunted egg growth and ovulation problems. Therefore, the body fails to release the eggs periodically.

As a result, you might face period irregularities and conception problems. The undeveloped eggs in your ovaries keep piling up in the form of cysts. However, contrary to what people think, only unhealthy food is not responsible for poor digestion. An unhealthy lifestyle also leads to poor digestion and Ama formation.

Gynoveda offers permanent Solution for PCOS/ PCOD with Ayurveda

Before anything else, the most important thing for you to understand is that PCOS is permanently curable. Irrespective of what you may have heard from doctors and various sources, there is a permanent solution for PCOS. However, if you want complete freedom from PCOS, you must eliminate it from its roots. You must work on all aspects that lead to PCOS. 

Most of us wish to have a pill that can provide complete freedom from PCOS while we continue living the way we are. That’s not going to happen. PCOS is a lifestyle disorder. Suppose you wish for complete freedom from this problem. In that case, you will have to incorporate structural changes in your diet and lifestyle along with the medication.

The PCOS Cure Equation is very simple: Healthy Diet+Healthy Lifestyle Changes+Ayurvedic Herbs

However unbelievable it may seem, these three things together can provide a permanent solution for PCOS. Even if you have struggled with PCOS for decades, you can get freedom from it by incorporating this equation into your life. Ayurveda doesn’t recommend doing something extraordinary. It is simply the science of eliminating bad things from your life and adopting healthy practices. Diet and lifestyle changes prevent the formation of Ama in the body. However, in the case of PCOS, there is already excessive Ama present in the body. Elimination of Ama is crucial for curing PCOS. Ayurvedic herbs are the most effective tool for that.

Ayurvedic herbs perform several crucial functions ranging from clearing Ama from the body to enhancing ovary function. From restoring the hormonal balance to the dissolution of ovarian cysts, Ayurvedic herbs play the most important role in the treatment. More than 40 herbs are used in the treatment by Gynoveda for PCOS.

Most Notable Herbs In the Treatment of PCOS and Their Intended Roles

  1. Digestion and Metabolism Improvement
  • Trikatu: This combination of three powerful herbs can treat all digestive irregularities. This concoction balances the three doshas and calms your system. It has immense digestive and weight loss benefits. 
  • Heeng: You can get unimaginable health benefits from Heeng, especially related to your digestive system. It relieves bloating and prevents acidity.

2. Ama Removal from the Body

  • Triphala: Ama removal from the fat tissues in the body is one of the biggest challenges. However, that is accomplished easily by Triphala. It detoxifies your blood, muscle, and fat tissues.
  • Haritaki: This is another herb that plays a crucial role in detoxifying the body and clearing Ama toxins. It will also bring down your hunger pangs and cravings. It also has a laxative effect that reduces morbidity.

3. Ama Removal from the Ovaries Pippali: This is a very effective herb in clearing Ama. It detoxifies the ovaries and makes PCOS treatment possible.

4. Ovary Function Improvement (Egg Growth & Ovulation)

  • Aloe Vera: Aloe vera is known as a very powerful plant. It is very helpful in PCOS. Aloe vera supports ovulation.
  • Dashamoola: This is an Ayurvedic formulation of ten herbs that helps in egg growth and ovulation.

5. Recovery from Insulin Resistance

  • Karela: Karela or bitter gourd is known for its anti-diabetic properties. It lowers blood sugar level and improves insulin sensitivity.
  • Methi: Thispowerful herb helps in lowering blood glucose.
  • Neem: It can improve glycemic control and lower insulin resistance in the body.

6. Dissolution of Ovarian Cysts

  • Kanchnar: This herb is highly effective in reducing the size of the cysts and preventing their further growth. 
  • Varuna: This herb helps in clearing the ovarian channels and facilitates the reduction of ovarian cysts.

7. Hormone Balancing

  • Ashwagandha: It acts as a hormonal stimulant and restores balance. The benefits of ashwagandha are innumerable, from regularising periods to countering other hormonal imbalances.
  • Shatavari: This is a health tonic that can help balance the hormones that lead to PCOS complications.

As mentioned above, Ayurvedic treatment to permanently cure PCOS involves 40+ powerful herbs. An intricate balance of all the herbs along with a healthy diet and lifestyle can offer a complete recovery from PCOS and a 100% result.

Gynoveda’s PCOS medicine is made of clinically researched, pure and potent herbs in the right quantity. They are approved by FDA and made in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified factory. They are 100% safe to consume and have ZERO side effects. Gynoveda offers India’s first 3X Ayurvedic program that not just offers the right medicine but also focuses on developing healthy lifestyle & food habits, and provides required support from expert doctors to get complete freedom from PCOS.

Gynoveda’s 3X Ayurvedic program for PCOS includes

  1. 100% Ayurvedic Formulation
  2. Gynovedic Diet
  3. Unlimited Support

This program has successfully helped more than 1 lakh women to reverse PCOS, dissolve cysts in the ovaries, get natural periods on-time, every month, conceive naturally, and get relief from many other symptoms like weight gain, hair fall, acne, pigmentation.

Consumer Study by European Journal

A recent survey conducted by European Journal stated that women who chose Gynoveda’s 3X Ayurvedic Program for PCOS got the following results:

  • 89% women got natural cycle within 60 days
  • 72% women reduced weight within 90 days
  • 76% women with PCOD had cysts reduction

What women who got freedom from PCOS with Ayurveda say

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Largest women’s only Facebook community for PCOS & other menstrual issues

75,000+ women who are part of Gynoveda’s women’s only Facebook group ‘Circle of Sisterhood’ independently published 5000+ personal case studies about how they tried numerous PCOS treatments for 10+ years and faced severe side effects before discovering Gynoveda’s 3X Ayurvedic Program which helped them treat the root cause and be at their best health.



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