Akshay Chopra: Leading the Revolution in Health and Fitness with‘We R Stupid’

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Akshay Chopra holds an impressive background, having graduated from the renowned National Defence Academy and the Air Force Academy. With a background as a former Indian Air Force pilot, he also held the role of captain for the Air Force Bodybuilding team.

Beyond his aviation career, Akshay is a prolific writer, having penned numerous articles for various magazines and websites. He is also the author of more than multiple ebooks in his specialized field of research.

Akshay is known for his versatility as a speaker, having delivered lectures and talks to diverse audiences across the nation. He has addressed gatherings in defense establishments, schools, universities, corporations, hospitals, gyms, fitness expos, and prominent events such as TEDx, Josh Talks, and the India International Science Festival.

In addition to his speaking engagements and writing endeavors, Akshay is the founder of “WE
R Stupid” and “Genesis.” He is also a co-founder of “Mango Herbs” and “Body Mechanics.” His
contributions and achievements have earned him recognition, including the BW 40 under 40 Award.

Akshay Chopra is the visionary behind “We R Stupid”. It is a pioneering channel in India that
stands out for its commitment to research-backed content, complemented by in-depth articles for those who want to delve into studies and research findings. This platform is dedicated to dispelling myths and challenging established beliefs in the realms of health, fitness, and nutrition. Its primary mission is to offer its audience evidence-based information, pushing them to critically examine and reconsider long-held notions about these subjects. Instead of relying on self-proclaimed experts and unverified claims, the channel aims to foster a more educated and scientifically informed approach to health and fitness.

Tell us about your journey (personal & professional), when you started your journey in this industry and how it is going and what is the future plan.

I started my journey in sports and fitness in the late 1990s. My family has a history of being
involved in sports, with my grandfather being a wrestler and my mother winning national awards
as an athlete. So, you could say that a love for sports and staying fit runs in my family.

However, during the 1990s, being good at sports wasn’t highly valued in society. What mattered most was your academic performance, regardless of any other talents you might have. In my case, I was great at sports but not so focused on academics, often sitting in the back of the class.

Even though I had a strong dislike for academics, I had a deep passion for reading books. I was an avid reader. Surprisingly, it was this combination of my love for sports and my reading habit that led me to successfully qualify for the prestigious National Defence Academy (NDA). My experience at the NDA completely transformed my outlook on life.

After my time at the NDA, I joined the Air Force Academy, where I underwent rigorous
flying training and subsequently received a commission in the Indian Air Force (IAF) as
a pilot. I vividly recall my initial posting in the beautiful city of Baroda. Despite having
an exceptionally demanding flying schedule, I remained committed to my fitness routine and managed to maintain a regular workout regimen.

One day, while I was exercising at a local gym in the city, a group of coaches approached
me and persuaded me to enter a bodybuilding competition. After approximately 8-10 months of
rigorous preparation, I took part in my inaugural competition, which happened to be Mr. Baroda,
and proudly secured a gold medal.

This achievement caught the attention of the Indian Air Force (IAF) bodybuilding team, and
I was extended an invitation to join their ranks. From that point onward, there was no turning
back. Over the next few years, I consistently participated in and triumphed in various
competitions at the state, inter-services, and national levels.

The best part of my journey was the practical experience I gained from top coaches in various
sports. However, I always felt a lack of theoretical knowledge behind what I was doing.

So, I began studying exercise science, nutrition, and more, and earned international certifications. Still, I felt something was missing, which led me to conduct independent research in fitness and nutrition.

I started by writing articles, giving talks, and authoring books. After retiring, I ventured into
fitness through my YouTube channel, WE R STUPID, and the Genesis online fitness program, with clients from 42 countries.

I also founded Mango Herbs, offering over 20 natural products backed by solid research,
blending ancient Ayurveda with modern science. I received the Business World 40 under 40 award.

Share an insight, if there were any challenges you faced while running the company and how you overcome them. What Inspired you to get into this industry?

We R Stupid was initially created to debunk myths, eliminate misinformation, and offer evidence-based facts in the fields of fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle. It started as a YouTube
channel and has since grown to encompass various aspects of fitness and nutrition, including the online coaching program GENESIS, serving people of all ages from over 42 countries. We also launched MangoHerbs, a health supplement company, among other ventures.

My current focus is on expanding the product range and customer base for MangoHerbs. What
began with a single product has now expanded to over 20, with a goal of reaching 50 or more.
Over the next 5 years, our target is to achieve an annual revenue of over 100 crores and to venture
into areas like skincare and haircare.

Being an Indian startup entrepreneur, what message would you like to give? Your motivational mantra?

Entrepreneurship in India presents unique challenges, but it also offers tremendous rewards.
With access to the world’s largest client base and market, success is within reach. However, it’s
essential to grasp the psychology of the Indian customer and define your target market clearly. Set ambitious but well-defined goals, and then put your all into achieving them.

What, according to you, is the advancement in this industry in terms of technology? Do you think adopting to such advanced technologies has brought you and your company to this elite position?

Technology has transformed the health and fitness industry, making it accessible to people
of all ages and backgrounds. For example, my brand, MangoHerbs, is entirely online, allowing
us to provide quality products to customers worldwide with a simple click. This technology
eliminates the need for intermediaries and ensures that customer benefits from improved
product quality.

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