Breaking Barriers: Dr. Hema’s Empowering Journey in Women’s Health Medicine, and Entrepreneurship

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Dr. Hema Divakar, Medical Director, Consultant ObGyn, Divakars Speciality Hospital, Bengaluru

Dr. Hema Divakar is a distinguished and accomplished figure in the field of medicine, particularly in obstetrics and gynecology. Renowned for her expertise and dedication, Dr. Divakar has made significant contributions to women’s healthcare. With a wealth of experience, she has become a
respected leader, advocating for women’s health issues and playing a pivotal role in shaping
advancements in the medical landscape. Dr. Hema Divakar’s passion for improving
maternal and reproductive health has garnered her widespread recognition, making her a
highly regarded authority in her field.

“It is one thing to be powerful and influential, but it is another to be meaningful”, cites Dr. Hema Divakar who believes in creating an impact through passion and purpose.

In addition to her clinical accomplishments, Dr. Hema Divakar is known for her advocacy work, tirelessly promoting awareness about women’s health and the importance of accessible healthcare for all. As a thought leader, she has actively participated in various international forums, contributing to the global conversation on maternal care, family planning, and reproductive rights.

Dr. Divakar’s commitment extends beyond her medical practice; she has been instrumental in initiating and supporting community health programs, aiming to empower women with knowledge and resources to make informed decisions about their well-being. Her holistic approach to healthcare, emphasizing both physical and emotional aspects, reflects a deep understanding of the complexities involved in women’s lives. Recognized with numerous
awards and accolades, Dr. Hema Divakar continues to inspire fellow professionals and aspiring healthcare practitioners. Her legacy extends beyond her medical achievements, encompassing
a profound impact on the lives of countless individuals through her unwavering commitment to
advancing women’s health on a global scale.

Tell us about your journey (personal and professional), when you started your journey
in this industry and how it is going and what is the future plan.

Born into a family deeply ingrained in medicine, where societal norms steered girls towards medicine and boys towards engineering, I obtained my MD in Obstetrics and Gynaecology from
Wadia Maternity Hospital, Mumbai, in 1989. Over three decades, I’ve garnered recognition as an award-winning doctor.

In 1990, post-marriage, I founded “Divakar’s Speciality Hospital” in Bangalore. Since the early days of my career, my focus has centered on addressing women’s health decisions. Despite progress, challenges persist, prompting me to not only provide healthcare but also champion impactful campaigns.

Personally, I’m dedicated to reaching women in remote areas, offering basic health education on reproductive health, family planning, and regular checkups. My goal is to empower women with knowledge, enhancing overall well-being in communities lacking easy access to healthcare services.

Share an insight, if any challenges you faced while running the hospital and how you overcame them. What Inspired you to get into this industry?

Establishing my own hospital as a woman meant challenging traditional norms and societal expectations, aiming to break free from gender biases in professional achievements. Actively engaging with global and national healthcare organizations, I formed strategic alliances to overcome obstacles and benefit from valuable networking.

Continuous learning, adaptation, and a commitment to high standards were key in overcoming challenges. Embracing a mindset of perpetual growth and excellence became integral to my approach.

My entry into this industry was inspired by the support and guidance of the men in my family—my father, brother, husband, and son. Additionally, my mother’s courageous approach and the influence of friends and colleagues played a pivotal role in driving me to continuously improve and excel in this industry.

Being an Indian entrepreneur, what message would you like to give? Your motivational mantra?

As an Indian entrepreneur, my aim is to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs by nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit, encouraging innovation, and fostering perseverance across all sectors.
My motivational mantra centers on pursuing excellence and working diligently to fuel my passion with a sense of purpose.

Dedicated to making a meaningful contribution to women’s health, I acknowledge significant gaps in healthcare services for women in India. Supported by my entrepreneurial community and government-backed policies, my journey is propelled by a passion for social change. I remain steadfast in my commitment to creating positive transformations in women’s healthcare through
recognition and empowerment.

What, according to you, is the advancement in this industry in terms of technology? Do you think your adoption of such advanced technologies has brought you and your company to this elite position?

As a Gynecologist, I strongly advocate for the integration of technology, ensuring our readiness to confront evolving challenges in healthcare.

The past decade has witnessed a remarkable technological evolution in the healthcare sector. FEMTECH focused on innovating for women’s healthcare, positions itself uniquely, aspiring to reach those yet untouched by its vision. Advanced equipment and cutting-edge AI now manage everything from patient care to diagnostics and overall health delivery.

Recognizing the transformative potential of digital technology for advocacy, awareness, research, and extensive data utilization, we established ARTIST for HER. This vertical, representing the Asian Research and Training Institute for Skill Transfer, embodies our commitment to revolutionize women’s healthcare through digital skill transfer.

What are the services provided by your organisation?

Our team of physicians is dedicated to providing a wide range of consultative and specialized services tailored to the unique needs of adolescent, reproductive-age, and postmenopausal women. From family planning to menopause management, our focus is on delivering top-quality healthcare.

Emphasizing preventive care and wellness at every life stage, our comprehensive services address diverse healthcare needs. From adolescent and menstrual health to sexual health, contraception, and infertility treatment, we strive to offer holistic care. Our services extend to nutrition support, immunization, pre-pregnancy and high-risk pregnancy care, lactation advice, mental well-being support, and the management of complex gynecological cases through endoscopic surgery. We specialize in menopause care and provide long-term support for non-communicable diseases like diabetes and hypertension, with an emphasis on early detection and management of cancers in women.

At the forefront of innovation, our Femtech initiative revolutionizes pre-pregnancy care through tools for fertility tracking, hormone monitoring, nutrition guidance, mental health support, and education. This empowers women to take control of their bodies, make informed decisions, and lay the foundation for healthier pregnancies.

Covering a spectrum of healthcare services from routine check-ups to conditions like fibroids, endometriosis, and PCOS, our overarching mission is to empower girls and women with knowledge, enabling them to make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

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