Dr Akruti M Dave, Founder, TBTM (The Body and The Mind)

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Dr Akruti M Dave is the founder of TBTM (The Body and The Mind) and is an aspiring neurodiagnostic expert. She joined the Stavya family in 2018, following in their mission of providing effective spine care solutions. On completing her physiotherapy training, she tirelessly worked towards strengthening the non-operative and conservative treatment of spinal disorders at Stavya. As a CAHO (Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organisations) member, she is involved in hospital management. She applies
herself to understanding neuromonitoring to carry out safe spine surgery while being a part of the surgeons’ team.

Dr Akruti is committed to helping people in all stages of life. From children suffering from developmental problems to adults and the elderly affected by or recovering from injuries and movement disorders, she caters to all.

Tell us about your entrepreneurial journey (personal & professional) and when did you get started on it.

I come from a family of lawyers. And am married to a family of doctors. I have seen the best of both worlds. The time spent in school and college was challenging to say the least and an uncanny phase of my life.

Although I’ve been faced with many failures in various junctures, my life changed for the better on joining Stavya Spine. There was no looking back! Fast forward to the present, I now own a lifestyle modification centre. I am a spine physiotherapist, neurophysiologist, EMG-NCV specialist, a spine associate and a manager. That said, my journey has not been an easy one but it
certainly feels like a dream.

My typical day starts at 6:00 AM with neuromonitoring in the operating room. I wrap up by 11 or 12, and then carry out my outpatient work. I counsel a number of spine patients during my OPD hours and at the stroke of 3:00, I run special tests on patients at my EMG-NCV clinic.

As the evening comes along, I shift my focus on my Lifestyle Modification Center and clock
out around 10:00 PM, returning home to my family.

From a woman’s point of view, have you faced any challenges starting/ running a business.

I have faced many obstacles but not as a woman, but as an entrepreneur. This notion of men vs
women is foreign to me. I have always been supported by my husband, and family.

What services do you offer your customers/ patients?

At Lifestyle Modification Center, we offer conservative care for patients in need of spine treatment. We aid in providing preventive measures for spinal diseases and carry out various treatment for spinal ailments without the need for surgery. My centre is tied to Stavya Spine Hospital, a globally recognized institute with many accreditations from AO Spine.

What is the future plan of your business?

We plan to expand the institute by bringing preventive, conservative and surgical care for the spine all under one roof. With state-of-the-art technology and a team of highly qualified and
experienced doctors, we are steadily moving towards fulfilling our goal.

According to you, what is the advancement in this industry in terms of technology? Do you think adapting to these technologies has brought you to an elite position?

Technological advances in preventive care have enabled us to promote ergonomic-lifestyle modification practices at our centre. Our conservative care is given to 90% of our outpatients, and 10% are advised for surgery. Furthermore, our Neuro-diagnostic integration with OR technology has given us the power to operate and diagnose various spine-related conditions.

Why is there less contribution of women entrepreneurship in India. What is your viewpoint?

India is referred to as Bharat Mata. Women have never been looked upon as inferiors to men. I
believe Indian women are smart and intelligent; we can achieve anything when we set our minds
to it.

In India, there is a wave of startups. The percentage of women startups in India is low. What according to you are some of the challenges they face?

The cultural Indian family bonding has its share of strengths and weaknesses. While many have a
support system, others have to create their own in order to make their dreams a reality. It’s easier to have a support system that is favourable. Many times, the support that we receive often nudges
us to create wonders in life.

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