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Sridhar Amujala (Shree), Founder, CIO, Raise Networks, Inc.

To help companies combat these challenges, Sridhar Amujala (Shree) founded Raise Networks, Inc. with a vision to streamline and assist their infrastructure processes, IT operations, and deployments. “We are a single-point technology services provider that helps clients manage and strategize their entire IT infrastructure and operations portfolio by understanding their corporate business model,” says Shree.
From over 25 years of experience in IT strategic designing, network, systems architecture, security, and deployment/management of cost-effective state-of-the- art IT, Shree thought of the idea to start a technology services provider company that empowers IT operations by deploying top talent associates, technology
excellence, and proven strategies with faster results. Before establishing Raise Networks, Shree worked for Meru Networks and played a key leadership role by driving IT operations to prepare the company as it went public. In addition to managing Raise Networks, Shree is the head of IT for Fiserv (OnDot Business Unit),
a multi-billion-dollar financial technology company and serves leadership roles for Analog Inference, TechTiera, and other key clients in the technology space.

India has emerged as a hub of entrepreneurship in recent years. With a booming startup ecosystem and a growing pool of talented entrepreneurs, India is quickly becoming a global leader in innovation and business. Many Indian entrepreneurs are now setting their sights on the United States, which offers a wealth of opportunities for those looking to expand their businesses.

The US has long been a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship, with Silicon Valley in California serving as the epicenter of the tech industry. It’s no wonder that so many Indian entrepreneurs are looking to establish
a presence in the US. The US market offers a large and diverse customer base, access to capital, and a wealth of resources and support for startups.

One of the biggest advantages of expanding into the US market is the sheer size of the customer base. The US has a population of over 330 million people, with a highly diverse range of backgrounds, interests, and
needs. This presents a huge opportunity for Indian entrepreneurs looking to introduce their products and services to a new market.

In addition to the large customer base, the US also offers access to a wealth of capital. The US is home to some of the world’s largest investment firms and venture capital funds, which are always on the lookout for promising startups to invest in. Indian entrepreneurs can tap into this pool of capital to fund their expansion plans and take their businesses to the next level.

Another advantage of expanding into the US market is the access to resources and support for startups. The US is home to a vast network of incubators, accelerators, and other support organizations that are dedicated to helping startups succeed. These organizations offer a range of services, from mentorship and coaching to funding and networking opportunities.

One of the key challenges that Indian entrepreneurs face when expanding into the US market is cultural differences. The US has a highly individualistic culture, with a strong emphasis on competition and self-promotion. This can be a challenge for Indian entrepreneurs, who are accustomed to a more collectivist culture that values community and collaboration.

To overcome this challenge, Indian entrepreneurs need to be prepared to adapt their business practices and communication styles to better fit the US market. This may mean adopting a more assertive and self-promoting approach to marketing and sales, as well as learning to navigate the nuances of US business culture.

Despite these challenges, many Indian entrepreneurs have found success in the US market. Now that global market in trend, many venture capital investors interested to invest the money in India and operating their
corporate headquarters from India and expanding their office foot print to US and Europe markets.



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