Pioneering Educator: Mrs. Geetha Lakshmi’s Legacy Of Excellence

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Mrs. Geeta Lakshmi, Founder Chairperson, New Millennium School and the Founder Principal of Rinku Nursery, which has existed since 1976 and is the oldest preprimary school in Bangalore East.

Meet Geeta Lakshmi, a trailblazer in the field of education. With over five decades of experience, she has been the driving force behind two esteemed institutions: Rinku Nursery, where she has served as the Founder Principal since 1976, and New Millennium School, where she holds the role of Founder Managing Trustee since its establishment in 1999. Mrs. Geeta’s dedication and visionary leadership have left an indelible mark on the educational landscape, shaping the lives of countless students and setting new standards for excellence.

Tell us about your journey (personal & professional), when you started your journey in this education industry and how it is going and what is the future plan?

As the Founder Trustee having over 45 years of experience as the principal of Rinku Nursery, I also hold the position of managing trustee at New Millennium School.

The school is my brainchild. It embodies my visionary approach, creating an educational institution that stands out by fostering a culture of acceptance, inclusion, and self-belief for every student.

At New Millennium School, our commitment extends beyond academic excellence to encompass every facet of the human journey towards perfection. We aspire to deliver child-centered, value-based education, offering robust academic foundations within a positive and secure learning environment.

What are the various roles & responsibilities as Chairperson. Brief about your school.

As the leader of New Millennium School, I envision an institution dedicated to maintaining the highest academic standards for your child/ward. Our goal is to offer child-centered, world-class education within a serene environment conducive to fostering advanced learning skills.

We implement a curriculum that encourages analytical thinking and problem-solving,
empowering children to excel intellectually. Our teaching approach emphasizes facilitation of learning, with educators serving as guides in the students’ educational journey.

The school’s curriculum is carefully crafted to strike a balance between academic rigor and co-curricular activities, ensuring a holistic development for every student. Our modern infrastructure includes spacious classrooms, a well-equipped library, separate labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, geography, and computer science, as well as recreational facilities. In just 24 years, New Millennium School has established itself as a leading institution among progressive schools in Bangalore, thanks to our commitment to excellence and dedication to nurturing the potential of every student.

What according to you is the advancement in this industry in terms of technology? Do
you think your adoption of such advanced technologies has brought you to this elite

Incorporating technology is essential for any educational institution, but it’s crucial to have a wise woman guiding the implementation of such advancements to ensure fruitful outcomes. Whether it’s implementing ERP solutions for school administration or integrating smart boards into classrooms, having knowledgeable leadership is key to maximizing the benefits of technological innovation.

According to you, what challenges are there for Indian Women leaders / CXO’s? Any challenges you have faced? If yes, please elaborate.

When I founded Rinku Nursery in 1976, female entrepreneurs were scarce. The path has consistently presented challenges for women entrepreneurs, both in India and globally. However, we’ve overcome these obstacles with the empowering traits inherent in every woman: patience, perseverance, a quest for perfection, and empathy for all.

What’s your motivational mantra? Any piece of advice for aspiring women leaders in education?

I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my thoughts once again. This platform allows me to express what’s important to me while trusting the school’s staff with academic and social developments.

Today’s media often highlights distressing stories, overshadowing the good. Many challenges we face are human-made, emphasizing the importance of enduring values. The relationship between home, child, and school is crucial in instilling these values. Quality time spent with children is more impactful than quantity, nurturing their talents and guiding them on the right path.

We must focus on our own actions, acknowledging weaknesses and building on strengths. By investing time and love in our children, we shape responsible adults for tomorrow.

Mrs. Elavalli Saraswathi Devi, born in 1921 in the Kollam district of Kerala, was an exceptional woman ahead of her time. Despite facing challenges, she pursued higher education, graduating with a degree in Physics and Maths from Samurin’s College in Calicut during the 1940s. Her academic achievements were remarkable for a woman of her era, earning her recognition akin to historical milestones like Indira Gandhi becoming India’s first female Prime Minister.

After marrying and relocating to Malaysia, she dedicated herself to teaching, serving as a Senior Science teacher and Head of the Science department until her retirement. Ms. Elavalli’s intellectual pursuits extended beyond academics, displaying a passion for literature and actively participating in debates and literary critiques.

As a Gandhian, she embodied simplicity and integrity, advocating for women’s welfare and cultural preservation. Her legacy of selflessness and wisdom touched many lives, inspiring admiration and affection from all who knew her.

Mrs. Elavalli’s profound influence extended to her family, including her daughter, Mrs. G. Madhavan, Chairperson of Rinku Nursery, and her grandson, Dr. Rajeev Kishen, Founder Secretary of New Millennium School. Her vision and contributions to education continue to shape the ethos of both institutions, with the Sree Saraswathi Trust named in her honor and her pivotal role in inaugurating the New Millennium School building in 2002. Her memory lives on as a beacon of strength, compassion, and dedication.

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